-- Showing natural numbers

module Data.Nat.Show where

open import Data.Nat
open import Relation.Nullary.Decidable using (True)
open import Data.String as String using (String)
open import Data.Digit
open import Data.Function
open import Data.List

-- showInBase b n is a string containing the representation of n in
-- base b.

showInBase : (base : )
             {base≥2 : True (2 ≤? base)}
             {base≤16 : True (base ≤? 16)} 
showInBase base {base≥2} {base≤16} =
  map (showDigit {base≤16 = base≤16}) 
  theDigits base {base≥2 = base≥2}

-- show n is a string containing the decimal expansion of n (starting
-- with the most significant digit).

show :   String
show = showInBase 10