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Designing Correct Circuits 2006

25-26 March 2006, Vienna, Austria

A satellite event of the ETAPS 2006 group of conferences


A printed proceedings containing papers, abstracts or advance copies of presentation slides was provided for participants at the workshop: Here is a BiBTeX enty for the proceedings:
   EDITOR    = {Mary Sheeran and Tom Melham},
   TITLE     = {Sixth International Workshop on 
                {D}esigning {C}orrect {C}ircuits: 
                {V}ienna, 25--26 {M}arch 2006:
                Participants' Proceedings},
   PUBLISHER = {ETAPS 2006},
   NOTE      = {A Satellite Event of the {ETAPS} 2006 group of conferences},
   YEAR      = {2006},
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