Computational methods in bioinformatics (2017-2018)

Using unsupported software

RasMol ("rasmol") and UCSF Chimera ("chimera") are unsupported programs on the Linux system at Chalmers. It's likely that you will not have access to unsupported software by default, and you will get the message "rasmol: command not found" when you type "rasmol".

In order to use unsupported programs, you must have a line with "unsup" in your $HOME/.vcs4/pathsetup file. If you don't have this line in your $HOME/.vcs4/pathsetup file (or you don't have a $HOME/.vcs4/pathsetup file), you can add the line (and create the file, if necessary) by running the following command:

    echo unsup >> $HOME/.vcs4/pathsetup

You only need to run this command once.

It might be necessary to start a new shell before the unsupported programs are available.

See: Unsupported software

Last Modified: 16 October 2017 by Graham Kemp