• How can I support LYDIAN?
  • There are several ways how you can help LYDIAN to improve.
    • You can give feedback by evaluating your course that uses LYDIAN.
    • You can send us animations you have developed for LYDIAN to be included in a next release.
    • Become a member of the sourceforge lydian project.
  • Will there be a version for Windows?
  • The current source code release should be compileable under Cygwin.
  • In the command window I got the message "ack_brdcast: error while loading shared libraries: libXm.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  • You will need some version of Motif library installed on your system. For example you could add the directory where libXm exists in your shared library path, i.e. setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH foo.

Last modified: Wed Feb 23 17:53:03 CET 2005