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Friday the 24th of February
17-21 Welcome reception.
- Information and sign in
Location: Masthuggsterassens Vandrarhem (Hostel)
How to get here

Saturday 25th of February
Location: IT-University Göteborg, Chalmers Campus Lindholmen, Forskningsgången 6.

08.45 Breakfast

9.15 Auditorium:
- Welcome
9.45 Auditorium:
- Keynote speaker Lars Hallnäs, Swedish School of Textiles & Chalmers University of Technology

10.30 Coffee

10.45 Paper session RED
- Auditorium: Moderator: Olof Torgersson
..."Design concept refinement through experience prototyping". S. Barriga Amaya, Umeå University
..."The Energy Table – Augmenting the Exhibition Space at The Danish Electricity Museum". J. Fritsch, P. Dalsgaard, C. Dindler, University of Aarhus
... "F.I.S.K. : A company’s internal stress communication". C. Flores, K. Lövsund, J. Wannheden, A. Nezirevic, R. Schellin. IT University of Göteborg, Chalmers University of Technology
..."An Ubiquitous Teaching Environment Using Off-The-Shelf Technology" P.P. Grube, Blekinge Institute of Technology

12.00 Lunch
- Demonstrations and posters

13.00 Paper session YELLOW & BLACK
- Torg 3: Moderator YELLOW: Ing-Marie Jonsson
..."An Evaluation of a Self-Scanning-System in a grocery store environment: improvements, suggestions and further development". G. Carlberg, M. Karlsson IT University Göteborg
..."iBox". P. Friberg, J. Holmstedt, L. Knudsen, Malmö University
..."User Experiential Quality for the Interaction Design Concept". K. Kachornnamsong, University of Southern Denmark
..."MobTune - Share Your Music World Mobile Sharing of Music Tips".S. Abdulla, C. Adolfsson, S. Krnjaic, T. Rajca, Malmö University

- Auditorium: Moderator BLACK: Peter Ljungstrand
..."Successes and Failures in the Current Attempts Towards Ubiquitous Computing Societies", J. Angulo, Blekinge Institute of Technology
..."Iterating in the Design Process: Prototyping at Different Levels of Fidelity", M.D. Tasar, Umeå University
..."Wake Up Get Up: A better way to wake up", J. Bernholdt Olsen, S. Stelling, R. Söderström, T. Wikman, B. Östlund, IT-University Göteborg
..."Infective T-Shirt: Prototyping the unexpected Creative collaboration with users performing as co-creators". P. Panqueva, Umeå university

14.00 Coffee

14.15 Paper session BLUE
- Auditorium: Moderator: Staffan Björk
..."Visualization and Narrative in Interaction Design". J. Furuya, Umeå University.
..."Linking Ethnography to Design. Role Playing as a Design Method". G. Leon, Umeå University.
..."Cultural Product Interactions". Y. Yue, University of Southern Denmark.
..."Tell Me Your Story: Staging a Collaborative Design Event Using Stories". M. Mäki, Umeå University

15.30 Auditorium:
- Keynote speaker Jussi Holopainen, NOKIA Research Center, Tampere, Finland (Trip funded by the IPerG-project)
- Wrap up (end 16.45)

19.30 Conference Dinner
- Location: Chalmers Campus Johanneberg, Computer science and Engineering, Hörsalsvägen, Café Linsen.

Sunday 26th of February
Location: IT-University Göteborg, Chalmers Campus Lindholmen, Forskningsgången 6.

8.45 Breakfast

9.15 Auditorium:
- Keynote speaker Dag Svanaes, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

10.15 Coffee

10.30 Paper session SATURATION & BRIGHTNESS
- Torg 3: Moderator SATURATION: Morten Fjeld
..."Integrating Paper Documents into Digital Systems". N. Alexander, F. Dore, Umeå University
..."A mobile phone tourist application based on visual code-recognition". J. Ohlsson, A. Ridén, A. Wiberg, Göteborg University and IT-University Göteborg
..."Communicating with the use of a Pen Intuitive and Creative Pen Computing", I. Ristner, Umeå University

- Auditorium: Moderator BRIGHTNESS: Dag Svanaes
..."SnoozeQuest: A networked wake-up game". P. Boström, G. Carlberg, T. Carlsson, S. Dahlström, F. Högström, IT University Göteborg
..."Replacing the original keys with the SesamiKey - The new way of opening and closing objects". A. Daniari, M. Strömberg, P. Dunér, T. Pavlou, M. Llanos, Lund University
..."CUBO – Malmö City Navigation". E. H. Andersson, D. Mijatovic, I. Vitormirov, J. Rygaard, Malmö Högskola

11.20 Paper session CYAN
- Aditorium: Moderator: Anders Lindgren
..."Personalizing Interaction". R. Denson, University of Southern Denmark
..."Group Dynamics of Co-operative Creativity". A. Bose, N. Sontag, Umeå University
..."Control vs Convenience: Critical Factors of Smart Homes". C. F. Montano, M. Lundmark, W. Mähr, IT University of Göteborg, Chalmers University of Technology

12.05 Lunch
- Demonstrations and posters

13.15 Tour in Interaction design studios

13.45 Paper session MAGENTA
- Auditorium: Moderator: Brendon Clarke
..."For the Mind and Body: Aesthetics of Interaction Design". Jessica Chang, Umeå University
..."Collaborative Stories Building: Unearthing Critical Contextual Information through Creative User Dialogues". H. A. Lawal, Univerity of southern Denmark
..."Direct Connect: Evaluation of a Filesharing Application". J. Schou, *G. Engström, T. Nordqvist, Göteborg University, *Chalmers University of Technology
..."Personas: the soft data dimension". J. Zachrisson, Delft University of Technology

14.45 Coffee

15.00 Paper session GREEN
- Auditorium: Moderator: Fang Chen
..."iWand – a gesture based remote control for the intelligent home". M. Wandt, C. Sandberg, I. Dechev, Chalmers University of Technology
..."Self-reliance in testing and inquiry activities Mockup testing by designers: its implications and benefits". K. Prasad MN, C. Moussette, Umeå University
..."Exploring robotics to stimulate exercise using the “carrot on a stick”-metaphor". G. Åberg, Umeå University
..."Product Intuition". X. Yue, University of Southern Denmark

16.00 Auditorium: Prize awards
- Conference farewell
16.15 End