Graduate Training

Ph.D. Theses

  1. Fredrik Johansson, Learning with Geometric Embeddings of Graphs, 2016.
  2. Vinay Jethava, Integrative Analysis of Dynamic Networks, 2014.

Licentiate Theses

  1. Per Hallgren, Decentralized Application Security, 2016.
  2. Olof Mogren, Multi-Document Summarization and Semantic Relatedness, 2015.
  3. Raul Pardo, Formalising Privacy Policies for Social Networks, 2015.
  4. Hamid Tavallaei Ebadi, Dynamic Enforcement of Differential Privacy, 2015.
  5. Fredrik Johansson, Global geometric graph kernels and applications, 2014.

Ongoing Master Thesis Projects

  1. Joel Moriana, Delve into Malware on Browser Extensions (supervisors: Pablo Picazo-Sánchez and Gerardo Schneider)
  2. Dzenan Bazdarevic and Michael Dubell, Collusion Attacks on Browser Extensions (supervisors: Pablo Picazo-Sánchez)
  3. Mushfiqur Rahman, A Petri Nets Semantics for Privacy-Aware Data Flow Diagrams (supervisors: Gerardo Schneider and Raúl Pardo)
  4. Jakob Boman, Data Minimization in Distributed Applications for More Privacy (supervisors: Thibaud Antignac)
  5. Niklas Wärvik, Enforcing PPF Policies in Diaspora* (supervisors: Gerardo Schneider and Raúl Pardo)
  6. Hampus Bengtsson and Johannes Jansson, Using Classification Algorithms for Smart Suggestions in Accounting Systems (supervisor: Olof Mogren)
  7. Yanling Jin and Albin Bramstång, Constructing a Context-aware Recommender System with Web Sessions (supervisor: Olof Mogren)
  8. Egil Martinsson, Long Short-Term Memory in Churn-Prediction. (Supervisor: Fredrik Johansson).

Master Theses

  1. Sebastian Eriksson, Generation conceptually transformed text using recurrent neural networks. (Supervisor: Fredrik Johansson).
  2. Alex Tomescu, Entity extraction for people profile matching. (Supervisor: Fredrik Johansson).
  3. Mukelabai Mukelabai, A Software Architecture to Ensure Surveillance Accountability (supervisor: Thibaud Antignac)
  4. Örn Gudjonsson, On-Line New Event Detection Using Minimal New Sets (supervisor: Peter Damaschke)
  5. Ivana Kellyérová, A Real-time extension of the Privacy Policy Framework (supervisors: Gerardo Schneider and Raúl Pardo)
  6. Jacob Hagstedt, Automatic Discussion Forum Assistant using Recurrent Neural Networks (supervisor: Olof Mogren)
  7. Johan Ekdahl and William Axhav Bratt, Proactive Intelligent Personal Assistant for a Car Environment (supervisor: Olof Mogren)
  8. Peter Mårdberg, Using Ergonomic Criteria to Adaptively Define Test Manikins for assebly operations (supervisor: Peter Damaschke) with FCC.
  9. Otto Frost and Carl Retzner, Graph Classification with Differential Privacy (supervisor: D. Dubhashi).
  10. Snaedis Kristmundsdóttir, Population Based Microsatellite Genotyping (supervisor: D. Dubhashi) with deCODE Genetics.
  11. Björn Berntsson, Machine Learning for On-Line Advertising Using Contextual Information (supervisor: D. Dubhashi) with Admenta.
  12. Weinan Feng, Destination Prediction with Decision Tree An Intelligent Driver Assistant for Volvo Cars: Destination Prediction, Trac Notifying and Route Advising (supervisor: Christos Dimitrakakis) with Volvo Cars Corporation.
  13. Rúnar Kristinsson and Hagalín Ásbjörn Pétursson, Identity Bridging. Cluster Website Visits using Model-based Clustering (supervisor: Christos Dimitrakakis ) with Burt Corp.
  14. Hannes Eriksson, Automated experiment design for drug development (supervisor: Christos Dimitrakakis) with AstraZeneca.
  15. Martin Holmudden, Virus Attenuation by Genome-Wide Alterations of Genomic Signatures. (supervisor: D. Dubhashi)
  16. Joanna Eriksson, Realization of efficient change detection in SAR images (supervisor: Peter Damaschke) with SAAB.
  17. Michel Edkrantz, Predicting Exploit Likelihood for Cyber Vulnerabilities with Machine Learning (supervisor: D. Dubhashi).
  18. Hampus Hjortberg, Anomaly Detection in PowerCells Auxiliary Power Unit (supervisor: D. Dubhashi).
  19. Kristofer Tapper, Learning to rank, a supervised approach for ranking of documents (supervisor: Fredrik Johansson) with Findwise.
  20. Fredrik Ek and Robert Stigsson, Recommender Systems; Contextual Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithms for the purpose of targeted advertisement within e-commerce (supervisor: Christos Dimitrakakis) with Consid.
  21. Jonathan Kilhamn, Fast shortest-path kernel computations using aproximate methods (supervisor: D. Dubhashi).
  22. Hamid Ebadi, PINQuin - a framework for differentially private analysis (supervisor: Gerardo Schneider).
  23. Daniel Langkilde, Large Scale Content Extraction from Heterogeneous Sources (supervisor Christos Dimitrkakis) with Recorded Future.
  24. J. Karlsson, Learning to Play Games from Multiple Imperfect Teachers (supervisor Christos Dimitrakakis).
  25. A. Lundgren and L. Lindberg, Constructing and Evaluating context-aware recommending systems in the machine learning field,using industrial data (supervisor: D. Dubhashi), with 3Bit.
  26. K. Bunyik, Twitter Topic Modelling (supervisor: D. Dubhashi)
  27. B. Bengtsson, Machine learning in online advertisement using contextual information (supervisor: D. Dubhashi) with Admeta.
  28. O. Carlsson, Cluster User Music Sessions (supervisor: D. Dubhashi) with Spotify.
  29. L. Hermansson and T. Kerola, Entity Entity Disambiguation in Anonymized Graphs Using Graph Kernels (supervisor: D. Dubhashi) with Recorded Future.
  30. A. Tohidi, Pattern Recognition in a Distributed Messaging System (supervisor: D. Dubhashi) with Volvo Technology.
  31. E. Flood and J. Karlsson, Browser Fingerprinting (supervisor: D. Dubhashi) with Burt.
  32. M. Börjesson, Emergence of Small World Networks Network formation through link selection by selfish nodes (supervisor: D. Dubhashi).
  33. F. Johansson and T Färdig, Query concept interaction over time (supervisor: D. Dubhashi) with Findwise.
  34. J. Bengtsson and C. Skeppstedt, Automatic extractive single document summarization An unsupervised approach (supervisor: D. Dubhashi) with Findwise.
  35. Andreas Granstrom, Optimizing on-line display-ad allocation subject to advertiser budget constraints (supervisor: D. Dubhashi) with Admeta.
  36. E. Bogren and J. Toft, Finding Top-k Similar Document Pairs - speeding up a multi-document summarization approach (supervisor: P. Damaschke).