There are four compulsory assignments: three to be solved individually, one in pairs.
We will adopt a 3-strike rule for the assignment and we will not tolerate any form of cheating.
We are extremely happy to help and solve any of your problem. Just contact us!

All Assignments Guidelines:

  • Do not cheat, copy-paste or similar.
  • Every assignment has a designated TA. For any help, just contact her/him via email or during the exercise session.
  • Every assignment has a strict deadline. The Fire system will not let you submit after the deadline.
  • Every assignment has a "three strike rule": you are only allowed to submit three times your solution in order to pass.
  • Every assignment has a "first strike to register": you have to submit your solution before the deadline in order to get the 3-strikes.
  • Every assignment solution is personal: if you have issues, you can freely discuss with your friends BUT your solution should not be copy-pasted.

Programming Assignment Special Guidelines:

  • PA is a pair based assignment. Please find a colleague as soon as possible.

Special Rules:

  • If you are ill or have some good reasons, you can get an extended deadline.
    But you must then request such an extension in an email to Katerina, explaining the reason.
  • If you are unable (or you don't want) to find a PA partner, contact Katerina with subject pairing-up for the programming assignment and we will try to find a partner for you.

It is highly recommended to pass the assignment before the end of the course (TBA).

The final deadline for all assignments is TBA.

This means that no re-submission is allowed after this date.

Assignment 1 - Closed

20 November 2018

The assignment consists of two largely independent parts.

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Assignment 2 - Closed

04 December 2018

In this assignment we explore the ElGamal encryption system.

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Assignment 3 - Closed

11 December 2018

In this assignment you will break some simple, faulty cryptographic protocols, by demonstrating attacks against them.

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Assignment PA - Closed

18 December 2018

We present you a collection of programming challenges on the material that we discussed during the course.

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