Bioinformatics (2015/2016)

Bioinformatics (2015/2016)


2016-03-29 The exam papers have been marked and delivered to the Student Office in the mathematical Sciences building. The papers are still anonymous, so I don't know the grades of individual students. I hope that these papers will be processed soon so that you know your result before the re-exam.
2016-03-29 A formula collection for the HMM part of the course will NOT be attached to the April 2016 exam paper. You are not expected to memorize the formulae for this part of the course. If any formulae are needed, these will be provided in the question paper itself.
2016-03-09 You are reminded that the exam will be on Monday 14 March. The Perl 5 Reference Guide (Extract) and Formula collection for the HMM part of the course will be attached to the exam paper.
2016-03-01 There will be an exercise session on HMMs on Thursday 3 March at 11:00 - see the updated course plan.
2016-02-16 The lectures and labs on Thursdays this week and next week have been swapped - see the updated course plan.
2016-02-15 Examination sign-up deadline is on Thursday 25 February 2016.
2016-02-15 Notes from the meeting with course representatives are on the course evaluation web page (local access).
2016-02-12 The task descipion for the essay on next generation sequencing and metagenomics is now on-line.
2015-12-01 The first lecture in this course is at 13:15 on Monday 18 January in room KS2.

General Information


Grades will be determined by a written exam at the end of the course (08:30, 14 March 2016). But in order to pass the course you must also submit solutions to specified exercises: one small programming task will be set each week, and there will be an essay on next generation sequencing and metagenomics.

There is an on-line list of students who have completed the practical work (local access).


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