Assignment 1 grading and hints

General hints about coding and writing

  • Short and understandable code is best. Long and understandable code is better than short and obfuscated.
  • Grading Assignmnent 1

    One of the focuses for this lab is DSL design. This means that it is difficult to formulate precise requirements for each grade without solving the problem for you (by telling you which design to use).

    This does not mean that we judge your submission arbitrarily. If you come and talk to us during office hours we can give you more precise descriptions of how you need to improve your submission for a higher grade.

    Here are some qualities that count towards higher grades:

    If you do not undestand what is meant by any of these we encourage you to ask us during office hours.

    Specific requirements for Assignment 1

    Necessary requirements for grade 4: For grade 5: