Contact Information


Please send emails regarding the course to Patrik, Dan, Anton, or Fabian (please write in English). (patrik.jansson, danr, anton.ekblad) at chalmers dot se, ruch at student dot chalmers dot se

Discussion Board

There is a discussion board for the course where you can post general questions and thoughts.

Office Hours

If you have any questions about the course material or the assignments, you can drop by our offices during our office hours.

Patrik: Mon. 15-16.

Anton: Mon. 15-17.

Fabian: Tue. 15-17, in study room 5209.

Dan: Wed. 10-12. (Cancelled Feb 4)

Patrik Jansson - Lecturer and Examiner

Phone : 031-772 5415, 0763-694349
Office : room 5468, EDIT building

Dan Rosén - Teaching Assistant

Phone : 772 1741
Office : room 5453, EDIT building

Anton Ekblad - Teaching Assistant

Phone : 772 1028
Office : room 5463, EDIT building