Databases (HT2014)


The exercise classes give you an opportunity to discuss your solutions to the questions on the exercise sheets and questions in the textbook. You will have time to work on these questions during the exercise class. However, we encourage you to work on the questions before the class so that you are better prepared to discuss your work and ask questions at the exercise class.

You can also ask questions about the practical assignment at the exercise classes.

You should attend one exercise session each week. To help make a preliminary allocation of students to exercise sessions, a sign-up sheet will be circulated at the lectures on 2014-11-05 and 2014-11-07, and students who sign up for a particular exercise session will be given priority at that session. Students who have not signed up for any exercise session (or who are unable to attend the sesion for which they have signed up, and want to attend another exercise session) are welcome to attend any of the exercise sessions if there is space.

Group Day Time
A Wednesday 08:00-09:45
B Thursday 08:00-09:45
C Thursday 10:00-11:45

The exercise rooms are listed in TimeEdit (see the course schedule).


Solutions to Textbook Exercises

Solution to selected exercises in the first edition of "Database Systems: The Complete Book" are available on the book's home page.

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