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Artificial Intelligence, LP4, VT2013

Schedule and important dates


  • Draft report + code, Sentimentalizer: Wednesday, 1 May
  • Final report, Sentimentalizer: Tuesday, 14 May
  • Draft report + code, Shrdlite: Tuesday, 21 May
  • Final report, Shrdlite: Thursday, 30 May
  • Oral examination: Wed–Fri, 22–24 May

Latest news


The reports for Shrdlite are corrected. Some of you got your reports accepted directly, and some got it back. For you who got it back, the deadline for the updated report is now on Thursday, 30 May. If that constitutes a serious problem, please contact Peter.

The grades are calculated as described on the examination page. If you want to know your personal grades for each project, please contact Peter.

Course week 7

Remember to book your time slot for the oral examination! Also, note that everyone in the group has to attend the examination!
Don't forget that there is an open supervision session now on Monday, between 9–16, in Anders' office (6103).
Note that today's supervision is not in any ordinary group room, but instead in rooms 6128/5128. They are meeting rooms in the corridors with all the offices.
Now there is a description of what will happen on the oral examination. It's on the examination page.
Anders is travelling this week, so Peter will take his supervision times, now on Thursday 16 May. If you want Anders instead, you can talk to him at the open supervision session on Monday 20 May.

Course week 6


There's a Doodle schedule where you can book your final examination slot. See the link above, the room will be announced later.

Every session is 40 minutes, please be on time! Come prepared, and bring a computer on which your code is working! We will ask you questions about both projects, and will ask you to show examples of how to run things from both projects.

I have extended the deadlines by two days each, see above for the exact dates. Note that these deadlines are strict, since the examination is 22–24 May!
There will be a final open supervision session (first come first served), 9–16 on Monday 20 May, in Anders' office (6103, directly opposite the elevator).
Now I have finally read and commented on all your reports. Note that I've rejected all of them – but for most of you there are only a few things that you need to fix. You have until the 14th to fix your reports!
Prasad found some notes about partial-order planning, that might be useful. They are linked from the "Suggested reading" in the Shrdlite project page.
Finally there are webserver installation instructions for Linux on the page about installation instructions.

There was a small bug in the "stupid Java planner". The following line in the perl script planner.cgi:

my JAVACLASS = "planner";

should look like this instead:

my $JAVACLASS = "planner";

The zip file has been updated. But you don't have to download it again, just change the line above.

Course week 5

I've added installation instructions for the Shrdlite project. They are linked from the project page, but also here. Please try to have these things done before your first supervision!
Don't forget to add a supervision time for project 2! See below for your doodle.
Now on Friday there is a first course evaluation meeting. If you have any comments or questions, please contact me or the student representatives.

Course week 3


Now there are two Doodles for the supervision of project 2. Which one you should use depends on which group you're in:

Note that you're only allowed to check one time slot per week! Also note that the supervision room for groups 10–19 changes a lot, make sure to note which room.

Extra office hours for project 1: Peter will have office hours just before the deadline, on Monday 29th April, between 9–11 and 13–16. His office is 6125.
Extended deadline for project 1: the new deadline is 1st May. This gives you more time to finalize the code and the report after the final supervision.
Peter is travelling next week, Wed–Fri. This means that the lecture 26th April is cancelled, and that Vinay will do the final supervision for all groups!
The slide about the Viterbi algorithm (slide nr 11 on the slides from chapter 15) got messed up. I've corrected it now, so please look at the new slides for chapter 15.

Course week 2

Note that the supervision schedule will be the same for next week and the week after that! If you have problems with that, please talk to your supervisor as soon as possible!
Changes in the schedule: There will be no final demo/poster session in week 22. (I'm sure all of you are very sorry to hear this, but you at least have the opportunity to show your programs for us the week before:). The final examination is during the supervision hour in week 21 (course week 8).
I have corrected the slides for today's lecture. The updated versions can be found among the lectures.
Please update your group information in Fire! There are still some groups with only 1 or 2 members, and some students who don't belong to a group at all. Then make sure to book a supervision slot in the Doodle below.

Course week 1


Now you can book a supervision session for the first project. Just check your preferred time slot, and write your Fire group number as your "name":
When mailing me or the supervisors, please use a subject that starts with [AI] — this makes things much easier for us!
Don't forget to form groups! You should register your group in Fire, follow the link in the left menu. If you haven't found a group, or if your group is missing a person, please mail me as soon as possible.
Don't forget to buy the course book! You will have serious difficulties if you don't have the book.
Don't forget to register for the course! If you have any problems with that, talk to the study expedition as soon as possible.
Today's lecture slides are updated and can be found among the lectures.
I have collected some demo videos.

Previous weeks

For GU students only: This semester you have to register online in LPW at the Student portal. The registration is obligatory in order to attend the course. You need to register yourself on the course the same day as the first lecture otherwise you will lose your place. For further information about registration and how to activate your student account, read here.
The website is published. The first lecture is Tuesday 19th March, at 9.00 in room EF!