Bioinformatics (2011/2012)

Exam information


No aids are permitted, except paper dictionaries. However, the following will be attached to the exam paper:

Follow the instructions on the front page of the exam paper.

Previous exam paper

This course runs for the first time in 2011-2012, so there are no previous exam papers. However, parts of this course are based on an earlier course called "Sequence bioinformatics", and you might find it useful to look at a previous exam paper from that course:

You should be able to answer questions 1-3 and 12-18. You might recognise parts of other questions, but there could be differences in the extent to which the topics in those questions were covered in MVE360 and in the earlier course, so don't expect to be able to answer all of those other questions.

MVE360 also contains topics that were not included in the earlier "Sequence bioinformatics" exam. These include the principles and algorithms of pairwise alignment, and the material covered in lectures from Erik Kristiansson and Fredrik Boulund (replacing some of the topics that were covered in more depth in the earlier "Sequence bioinformatics" course).

Regarding the HMM part of the course, some sample exam questions with solutions and additional exercises are available.

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