Mathsson i Matteland: Programs for Computer Mathematics for very young children

(D3 Project Proposal)

This project has the following goals:

  • Develop a set of programs for introducing basic mathematical concepts to children based on story building techniques.
  • Create an international open library of educational programs for children: Math is a universal language. 

The results of this project have two primary audiences. The first audience is children of ages 3-13. The second one includes teachers, parents, and other people, who work with children of these ages.

If there is enough interest the project can split into two, the resulting sub-projects will focus on the two goals mentioned above in parallel.


Knowledge of computer graphics is preferred, but not required.

Suitable Courses
  • Datorgrafik/Avancerad datorgrafik
  • Människa-dator interaktion
  • Objektorienterad systemutveckling
  • Operating Systems