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I am a professor at the Computing Science Department at Chalmers University of Technology, and a member of the Functional Programming Group. I am also CEO at Quviq AB, which offers a commercial version of QuickCheck, where I spend half of my time.

How to reach me

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Current Programme Committees

AST 2010, IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Automation of Software Test, co-located with ICSE 2010.
TAIC PART 2010, Testing: Academic and Industrial Conference, Practice and Research Techniques

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Current Projects

  • ProTest--Property-Based Testing, an EU FP7 project (ProTest).
  • Language Terms as Test Data for Property-Based Testing, funded by Vetenskapsrådet (Swedish Research Council).
  • Putting Functional Programming to Work: Software Design and Verification using Domain Specific Languages, a framework grant funded by Vetenskapsrådet (Swedish Research Council).



John Hughes

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