Valentin Poirot

IoT and Embedded AI/ML Research Scientist - Doctoral Candidate

Kiel University, Germany & Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden



BlueSeer: AI-Driven Environment Detection via BLE Scans, V. Poirot, O. Harms, H. Martens, O. Landsiedel, DAC 2022.
eAFH: eAFH: Informed Exploration for Adaptive Frequency Hopping in Bluetooth Low Energy, V. Poirot, O. Landsiedel, DCOSS 2022.
Dimmer: Self-Adaptive Network-Wide Flooding with Reinforcement Learning, V. Poirot, O. Landsiedel, IEEE ICDCS 2021.
STARC: Low-power Decentralized Coordination Primitive for Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks, P. Rathje, V. Poirot, O. Landsiedel, ITCVT Workshop at NOMS 2020.
Energy Efficient Multi-Connectivity Algorithms for Ultra-Dense 5G Networks, V. Poirot, M. Ericson, M. Nordberg, K. Andersson, Springer Wireless Networks 2020.
Paxos Made Wireless: Consensus in the Air, V. Poirot, B. Al Nahas, O. Landsiedel, EWSN 2019. [Best Paper Candidate]

Collaborative, Intelligent, and Adaptive Systems for the Low-Power Internet of Things (PhD, Planned for Sept. 2022)
Coordination and Self-Adaptive Communication Primitives for Low-Power Wireless Networks (Licentiate / Half PhD, 2020)
Energy-Efficient Multi-Connectivity for Ultra-Dense Networks (Master Thesis, 2017)