Peter Ljunglöf

Universitetslektor / Associate professor / Senior lecturer

Address 1

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology
412 96 Gothenburg, Sweden

Address 2

Språkbanken Text
Department of Swedish
University of Gothenburg
Box 200
405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden

Office 1

Room 6125, 6th floor, EDIT building (Rännvägen 6B)

Office 2

Room F346, Humanisten (Lundgrensgatan 1B)


+46 (0)31–772 1065




I share my time between two departments: Computer Science and Engineering, and Språkbanken at the Department of Swedish.


My main interest is language technology, i.e., how to get computers to understand human language. At the moment I am mainly pursuing two paths – grammar formalisms and quantitative text analysis. My interest in grammar formalisms is very general and can be summarised in the following question: "How we can use grammars to specify and encode not just linguistic syntax, but also other information?". My interest in text analysis is how it can be used for understanding socio-linguistic phenomena.


Currently I am involved in the research projects Analysis of gender bias, Hot och hat mot journalister, and MUSTE. Previously I have been involved in the research projects NLTK, REMU, GRASP, Lekbot, SubTTS/Pratmakaren, FraCaSBank, MOLTO, DICO, TRIK, TALK, TRINDI, INDI, and SDS.


The University of Gothenburg has a list of my publications, including some unpublished work and presentations, most of them downloadable.


All open-source software I have been working on the past years can be found on Github.



Apart from occasional lectures on a number of courses, I am or have been responsible (sometimes partly) for the following undergraduate and graduate courses:

Data Structures (2011–2012, 2019–), Artificial Intelligence (2013–2018), Natural Language Processing (2011), Programming for NLP (2010), Information Refinement (2009), Language Theory: Syntax (2009), Semantics (2008), Dialogue Systems (2008), Laboratory Course in Language Technology (2008), Computational Syntax and Semantics (2007–2009), Natural Language Processing (2008), Project Course in Language Technology (2007, 2009), Thesis Seminars (2005–2007), Parsing Methods (2005), Parsing Algorithms (2002–2006), Logic Programming (1999–2001).

PhD students

I am currently supervising PhD students Herbert Lange (started 2015) and David Bamutura (started 2016). I was assistant supervisor for PhD student Håkan Burden (finished 2014).


I have supervised the following masters students, most of them in various language technology areas:

Christel Nyberg (2001), Håkan Burden (2005), Martin Johansson (2006), Johanna Lidskog (2007), Agne Frisch and Martin Stenberg (2008), Johan Behrenfeldt (2009), Martin Hammarstedt and Jonatan Uppström (2010), Achilleas Katsaros (2011), Robin Persson (2012), Apostolos Apostolidis (2013), Benjamin Glass and Rajsekhar Iyer (2013), Cuicui Sun (2013), Marcus Tillander (2014).


I live with my wife Saga and our two children Signe and Elis. The rest you can ask me about when we meet.