Patrik Jansson

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Who am I? (CV)

I am a Computer Science Professor in the Functional Programming division, at the CSE Department, Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg, Sweden. I am also deputy head of the CSE department. My research area is Software Technology and I specialise in Generic Programming, Functional Programming and Program Verification.

In parallel I have spent a few years building a multi-disciplinary community and research agenda called "Global Systems Science" together with researchers in economics, climate change, risk&resiliance, etc. (in addition to computer science and mathematics).

Do you want to work with us? Check the departmental vacancies page.

Do you want to study computer science here? Applications to our MSc programmes are welcome yearly Nov. to mid Jan. For European students, applications for Erasmus exchange is possible throughout the academic year. (See here for details.)

Already studying here? The FP group is looking for good MSc students interested in doing MSc thesis projects (some project ideas).

Research Interests

Papers listed (@Chalmers and @Google Scholar. My research area is Software Technology and I specialise in Generic Programming and Program Verification. My local research neighbourhood contains Functional Programming Programming Logic, Language Technology and Formal Methods.

I'm a member of the IFIP Working Group 2.1 on Algorithmic Languages and Calculi.

I have an active collaboration with the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research (PIK) about functional programming, generic programming (in Agda, Haskell and C++), high-level modelling and e-science. (Contact: Nicola Botta)

I've been involved in Chalmers eScience Initiative (one of Chalmers' applications for strategic research areas 2009) which later turned into the Chalmers eScience Center.

I started out (in 1995) with Polytypic Programming [På svenska]. I have also worked with functional programming; specifically "Functional Generic Programming - where type theory meets functional programming" (polytypism, Generic Haskell, ...). I have also worked in the Cover project --- Combining verifiaction methods for software development (Haskell + QuickCheck + FOL + Agda). I have written a compiler for the language extension PolyP (Haskell extended with polytypic functions).

PhD students

I was the advisor of the following PhD students:

Pedagogical work

I'm looking for good MSc students interested in doing a MSc thesis project (some project ideas) with me as supervisor or examiner. (Prerequisites include a strong background in Functional Programming.)

How to reach me


Tünde Fülöp, Julia Jansson, Endre Jansson.

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