PLPV 2014
Programming Languages meets Program Verification

January 21, 2014
San Diego, CA, USA
Co-located with POPL 2014


The goal of PLPV is to foster and stimulate research at the intersection of programming languages and program verification, by bringing together experts from diverse areas like types, contracts, interactive theorem proving, model checking and program analysis. Work in this area typically attempts to reduce the burden of program verification by taking advantage of particular semantic or structural properties of the programming language. One example is provided by dependently typed programming languages, which make it possible to specify and check rich specifications using the languages' type systems. Another example is provided by extended static checking systems, which incorporate contracts with either static or dynamic contract checking.


Session 1

Chair: Bart Jacobs

Session 2

Chair: Adam Chlipala

Session 3

Chair: Nils Anders Danielsson

Session 4

Chair: Lee Pike

Session 5

Chair: Neelakantan R. Krishnaswami

Call for papers.

SIGPLAN members (and even some non-members) attending the workshop may be entitled to benefits.

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