COA: Computational Origami and Applications

First International Workshop on Computational Origami and Applications
Affiliated event of the Symmetry Festival

Workshop date: July 20, 2016
Workshop venue: Vienna University of Technology
Seminarroom SR 121, Building of the Electrotechnical Institute, Gusshausstraße 25-29, 1040 Vienna
Workshop chairs: Tetsuo Ida and Laura Kovács


Symmetry comes into play naturally in origami due to the very nature of paper fold. From this intuition one may explore many kinds of geometrical properties including symmetry, leading into fantastic arts on one hand and various fields of engineering.

In our COA: Computational Origami and Applications workshop we would like to discuss the foundations of origami and its link to various applications. The foundational study of origami entails mathematical analysis, and its applications obviously need to employ the state-of-the-art computing technology.

Workshop Program

The workshop takes place in the afternoon of July 20, 2016, with the following schedule:

Workshop Registratioon

Registration should be made through the Symmetry Festival 2016.
Daily tickets will be announced in June 2016.

Workshop Submissions and Important Dates

Our workshop will have invitation-based paper presentations and discussions.

Our paper submission deadlines are as follows:

Extended abstracts should be submitted using the COA submission site of the EasyChair conference management system, under the following link:
EasyChair submission site of COA

Extended abstracts are reviewed by the workshop chairs, with the help of peers if necessary. Suggestions, if any, will be made. Final papers are due on May 9, 2016.

Workshop Post-Proceedings

Workshop attendees will have the possibility to submit their revised and extended work to the journal Symmetry: Culture and Science. We will apply a thorough formal peer-reviewing process for deciding acceptance for publications in a special issue of the journal Symmetry: Culture and Science.