Krasimir Angelov

I am an Associate Professor at the Computer Science and Engineering Department in Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg, and I am also one of the developers of Grammatical Framework (GF). A lot of my work includes research and development related to the GF compiler and runtime, but I also take care of some of language resources in the framework. For instance, I developed the Resource Grammar for Bulgarian and I have smaller contributions to other languages. I am also maintaining the GF WordNet which integrates WordNets for several languages with the Resource Grammars in GF.

Previously I had contributions to a number of other open source projects, among them: GHC, Cabal, Haddock, Visual Haskell, HSQL, GATE.

I am also a co-founder of Digital Grammars.

I am interested in:


I am working on the compiler and the interpreter of GF. The is a framework which allows the construction of controlled natural languages for different purposes. My main contributions are in natural language parsing and generation, reasoning and application of statistical methods in the framework.


I was involved in the following courses:


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