Master Thesis

I have extensive experience in supervising (42) and examining (100+) Master Theses in Software Engineering, Software Technology, and Software Development. Below you can find some examples of theses I have supervised as well as thesis topics I am interested in.

However, my interests are broad; if you are a good student don't hesitate to contact me and we can discuss it. If you are not a student with top grades and ambition do not bother; I get very many requests and it is unlikely I can help you.

When at BTH I worked for several years in a project to improve Master Theses in Software Engineering. The processes, supporting documents and lectures as well as rubrics for quality that I developed can be found on this page. If I supervise your thesis you can expect to use this material extensively. You can also expect that the aim is both industrial relevance/effect and academic publication; this gives you the best options for your future career after the thesis.

Thesis Topics

All topics listed below are free (as in not taken by any student) but not everyone has a detailed description online; if you are interested in any of these please email me.

Master Theses - Supervised

MT-42. David Gustafsson and Erik Pihl, "Strategy for Cross-Project Defect Prediction Models in Industry", CTH 2018 in collaboration with CPAC Systens AB.
MT-41. Patrik Haar and David Michaelsson, "Automated GUI Testing: A Comparison Study With A Maintenance Focus", CTH 2018 in collaboration with Canea AB.
MT-40. Kevin Hedberg Griggith and Erik Nguyen, "Understanding the Impacts of Affects on Individual and Team Performance with the Experience Sampling Method", CTH 2018 in collaboration with Volvo AB.
MT-39. Annapurna Chunduri, "An Effective Verification Strategy for Testing Distributed Automotive Embedded Software Functions", BTH 2016 in collaboration with Scania AB. (A paper based on this thesis was published in PROFES 2016)
MT-38. Grischa Liebel, "Structuring GUI acceptance tests based on usage scenarios", Chalmers 2013. (Grischa won a prize in Germany for his thesis)
MT-37. Behnoush Pejhanmanesh and Narjis Hachilif, "Visualization of Software Quality Trend", Chalmers 2013 (with Ericsson AB, Gothenburg)
MT-36. Björn Petterson and Sean Zhang, "Code Quality Metrics in Source Code and Models", Chalmers 2013 (with Volvo Tech AB)
MT-35. Viktor Fritzon and Tobias Alette, "Introducing Product and Process Visualizations to Support Software Development", Chalmers 2012 (with RUAG Space AB)
MT-34. Godwin Sebabi Semwezi, "On the automation of negative testing", Chalmers 2012 (with Ericsson AB, Kista)
MT-33. Alex Augustsson, "A Framework for Evaluating Regression Test Selection Schemes in Industry", Chalmers 2011 (with Ericsson AB, Karlskrona)
MT-30. Amir Ebrahimi and Zeinab Barmi, "Automated Testing of Non-Functional Requirements based on Behavioral Scripts", Chalmers 2010-2011
MT-32. Tobias Altehed and Robin Ingmarsson, "Strategic and Business Effects of Agile Development", Chalmers 2011 (with Ericsson AB in Gothenburg)
MT-31. Johan Gustavsson, "Applying an Adaptive Metrics Framework on Agile Processes in Game Development", Chalmers 2011 (with BWin AB)
MT-29. Mehvish Rashid, "Evaluating the Effectiveness of Regression Test Selection Techniques in Industry", Chalmers 2011 (with Ericsson AB in Karlskrona)
MT-27. Gegentana, "A Systematic Review of Automated Software Engineering", GU/Chalmers 2010 [Topic]
MT-26. E. Börjesson, "Safety-Critical Systems Developed In An Agile Environment", Chalmers 2010 (with SAAB Security AB)
MT-25. B. Marculescu, "Implementing a Software Verification and Validation Management Framework in the Space Industry", Chalmers 2010 (with RUAG Space AB)
MT-24. N. Torstensson, "Analyzing the Cost of Complying to Software Development Standards", BTH 2010 (with RUAG Space AB)
MT-23. M. Zulfiqar & A. Naseer, "Investigating Exploratory Testing in Industrial Practice - A Case Study", BTH 2010 (with Sogeti AB)
MT-22. J. Schulte & P. Preissing, "A Software V&V Management Framework for the Space Industry", BTH and Technische Universität Munich 2009 (with RUAG Aerospace AB)
MT-21. A. Mehrmand, "A Factorial Experiment on the Scalability of Search-Based Software Testing", BTH 2009
MT-20. M. Maharjan & A. Jafar, "Understandability of general versus concrete test cases", BTH 2009
MT-19. E. Ahmad & B. Raza, "Towards Optimization of Software Verification and Validation Activities in the Space Industry - Two Industrial Case Studies", BTH 2009 (with RUAG Aerospace AB and Swedish Space Corporation)
MT-18. M. Saeed & F. Saeed, "Systematic Review of Verification and Validation in Dynamic Programming Languages", BTH 2008
MT-17. M. M. Hameed & M. Zeeshan Ul Haq, "An interactive Defect and Fix Logging Tool", BTH 2008
MT-16. S. Mairhofer, "Search-based software testing and complex test data generation for a dynamic programming language", BTH 2008
MT-15. D. Larsson, "Challenges and Solutions in Test Staff Relocations within a Software Consultancy Company", BTH 2007 (with Softhouse AB)
MT-14. N. Muhammad, "Suitability of the Requirements Abstraction Model (RAM) Requirements for High Level System Testing", BTH 2007
MT-13. T. Stenvi, "An Automated Testing Strategy for Efficient Use in the Consultancy Domain", BTH 2007 (with Testway AB)
MT-12. O. ur Rehman Malik, "Mining Object-Oriented Software Execution Traces for Patterns for Automated Testing", HV 2006
MT-11. T. Berkelund, "A Design for and Implementation of a Flexible Treemap Component", HV 2006
MT-10. A. MacKey, "Attitudes towards Laws for Computer-Implemented Inventions Among Developers in Sweden", HV 2005
MT-9. R. Mohammed, "FAT: A Framework for Automating Test Case Generation", HV 2005
MT-8. M. Samuelsson, "Personality Types and Attributes in Software Engineering", HV 2005
MT-7. A. Alexandersson, "RubyComp - a Ruby-to-LLVM Compiler Prototype", HV 2004
MT-6. J.-Å. Hedström, "RubySharp - a Ruby to CIL Compiler", HV 2004
MT-5. K. Lyngfelt, "MorphR - a Morphic GUI in Ruby", HV 2004
MT-4. P. Olofsson, "CheckR - Extendible Static Analysis Tool for Ruby", HV 2004
MT-3. N. Petterson, "An Omniscient Debugger for C#", HV 2004
MT-2. B. Maroszek, "Contour - a Ruby-to-Flash bridge for presentations", HV 2004
MT-1. J. Sjökvist, "MutatoR - a Mutation Testing Framework for Ruby", HV 2004

Papers based on Master Theses

I always have the goal that master theses I supervise should be published. I will generally help and encourage students to publish if the work is good enough. A large number of papers in my publication list are the results from master thesis projects. The students are always included in a publication based on their thesis project; depending on the level of contribution to the work itself and to the final paper we will decide on author order. A representative sample of such papers can be found below:

J-6. R. Feldt, L. Angelis, R. Torkar and M. Samuelsson, "Links Between the Personalities, Views and Attitudes of Software Engineers", Information & Software Technology, vol. 52, num. 6, pp. 611-624, 2010, doi:10.1016/j.infsof.2010.01.001. (submitted 2008)
J-5. M. Svahnberg, T. Gorschek, R. Feldt, R. Torkar, S. B. Saleem, M. U. Shafique, "A Systematic Review on Strategic Release Planning Models", Information & Software Technology, vol. 52, num. 3, pp. 237-248, 2010.
C-14. G. Wikstrand, R. Feldt, J. K. Gorantla, W. Zhe and C. White, "Dynamic Regression Test Selection Based on a File Cache - an Industrial Evaluation", 2nd Int. Conf. on Software Testing (ICST'09), Denver, Colorado, USA, April 2-3, 2009, pp. 299-302.
C-11. M. Bäumer, P. Siedler, R. Torkar, P. Tomaszewski, L-O. Damm, R. Feldt, "Predicting Fault Inflow in Iterative Software Development Processes: An Industrial Evaluation", 19th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering, Seattle, USA, 11-14 November, 2008.
C-7. D. Larsson, R. Feldt and H. Bertilsson, "Challenges and Solutions in Test Staff Relocations within a Software Consultancy Company", In International Conference on Software Testing, pp. 423-431, Lillehammer, Norway, April 9-11, 2008.
C-5. R. Feldt, R. Torkar, L. Angelis, and M. Samuelsson, "Towards Individualized Software Engineering: Empirical Studies Should Collect Psychometrics", In ICSE Workshop on Cognitive and Human Aspects on Software Engineering, pp. 49-52, Leipzig, Germany, 2008.