OpenAcess SE Journals

Longer-term I think Software Engineering research will increasingly be published in open access journals. This page tries to collect information about existing open-access journals which publish software engineering results. Since there are currently so few we also include computer science (CS) journals and PLOS One (very general open access journal that also has subject areas that are SE-related). If you have additional information or journals that should be on here please contact me.

The column "IF" lists the latest Impact Factor in ISI Web of Science, if the journal has one.

Open Access Software Engineering / CS Journals
Journal OA Model Fees IF
Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development SpringerOpen €840
Open Communications in Computer Science €800
Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences SpringerOpen 0
Journal of Universal Computer Science 0 0.4
PLOS One Open, online, author-pays $1,350 3.9
Journal of Software Engineering Practice Author-pays $75


PLOS One has subject area categories that are related to SE research but it seems that most papers published there are software developed as part of medical/biological research, and would not typically be classified as software engineering research. There is a bit of a Catch-22 involved here though that until some strong and well-known SE researchers start publishing in these types of journals not many "reputable" researcher might dare to follow...