Model Papers

Below we list some papers that give examples, information or guidelines on or can act as models (i.e. you can follow the same method and structure for your specific situation and often get a high-quality result) for different types of studies that are typical in software engineering. They are organised based on the basic type of question to be answered. Note! If the papers/PDFs are not directly linked below you need to go through your library to get a copy; do NOT ask me for a copy.

Guideline papers are marked "G", papers that are examples of using a particular method are marked "E", and model papers are marked "M" (can be models for whole studies and ways to report on a certain type of study).

1. Will a new/changed method/tool improve our software development?

2. How to study a particular case/company?

3. How to report on the context for an empirical study in industry?

4. What is the state-of-the-art in a certain field?

5. How to analyse and report on interview studies?

6. How to rank/prioritize issues/solutions elicited from interview studies?