The aim of our group is to safeguard communication technologies in order to improve their reliability and performance and thus our quality of life. Our research interests lie mostly in the area of applied cryptography, provable security, novel cryptographic primitives as well as network and information security. More specifically, we are interested in the design of provably secure cryptographic protocols that can be employed for reliable authentication and cloud-assisted computing, while providing strong privacy guarantees. We are particularly focusing on resource-constrained devices (Internet of Things), RFID systems and wireless sensor networks as well as in intrusion detection and response mechanisms in wired and wireless networks. Our research is currently funded by EU (FP7), STINT, Chalmers ICT Areas of Advance, VR, SNSF and Västra Götalansregionen.

Post-doctoral researchers

- Hiraku Morita
- Gustavo Banegas (2019-2020)
- Bei Liang (2016-2020)
- Aysajan Abidin (2014-2015)

PhD Students

- Adrien Pasquereau
- Johannes Ernst
- Georgia Tsaloli
- Carlo Brunetta
- Aristide Tossou (2014-2019)
- Elena Pagnin (2013-2017)