Computational Syntax

Aarne Ranta
Master's Programme in Language Technology 2014, 7.5 credits

Also usable as an optional course in CSE Master's and Doctoral programmes.


27/5 Solutions to the 2011 exam

26/5 Exam time: 2 June 8:00 to 11:00 at Victoriagatan 30

20/5 Links to old exams

11/4 Added information about assignments

1/4 Added links to book chapters and other material

25/2/2014 adapted this web page from the 2012 version


The course starts 25 March and runs till the end of May.

Here is the schedule for lectures and laborations, mentioning relevant book chapters and giving links to other material. All lectures are in K235 (Lennart Torstenssonsgatan 6-8), laborations in T225 (Olof Wijksgatgan 6).

Easter break

Map for finding the rooms


Aarne Ranta, lectures

Inari Listenmaa, lab sessions


Aarne Ranta, Grammatical Framework: Programming with Multilingual Grammars. CSLI Publications, Stanford, 2011. Book web page

Slides for the first part of the course are the GF book slides

Slides for the extended grammar used in the assignment: Linguistic Syntax Implementation.

Code examples

GF Reference Manual

Statistical machine translation tutorials


The programming language for this work will be GF, Grammatical Framework,


Programming assignment, to be decided by 11 April.

Written exam: 2 June 8:00 to 11:00 at Victoriagatan 30

Old exams

Assignment topics

1. Contribution to the wide-coverage translation grammar. Scope:

Two alternatives:

Overview of the translation grammar

2. Extended mini resource grammar

  1. Copy the latest sources of grammar assignment
  2. Place your own modules Grammar, Lang, Lexicon, Paradigms, Res in the resulting directory extmini/
  3. Go to extmini/
  4. Run the lab test script by:
        gf -run <compsyntax.gfs
    replacing XXX with your own language code.
  5. Inspect the resulting file compsyntax-test.txt to decide whether it is OK; it should look similar to compsyntax-test-Ita.txt.

3. An application, such as a query language together with a web or mobile application and real data.


Master's Programme web page


Statistical Machine Translation by Cristina España, with evaluation from slide 204.

Asiya machine translation evaluation tool.