Adoption and Implementation of QNAME Minimization in DNS

Jonathan Magnusson


The presentation delves into the critical aspects of QNAME Minimization within the DNS, presenting an in-depth analysis through two key studies. The first segment, “Adoption of QNAME Minimization,” presents the main takeaways from “A Second Look at QNAME Minimization” (PAM, 2023). This study provides insights into how QNAME Minimization has been embraced across different platforms and its implications for privacy and performance in DNS lookups. The second segment, “Implementation of QNAME Minimization,” introduces new research on fingerprinting DNS resolvers by leveraging the query patterns emerging from QNAME Minimization. This study, currently under submission, aims to shed light on the plethora of implementation approaches to minimizing queries and how these differences can be used to fingerprint resolver software and versions. Through these studies, the presentation aims to foster a deeper understanding of DNS resolver dynamics, highlighting the importance of QNAME Minimization in bolstering DNS privacy.

Apr 11, 2024 1:15 PM — 2:15 PM

Jonathan Magnusson is a PhD student in the PriSec group at Karlstad University (KAU), Sweden since 2021. His research area is Cybersecurity and Network Analysis of the Domain Name System, sponsored by The Swedish Internet Foundation (IIS). In 2022 he established the KAUotic Hacking Club at KAU, where he personally focuses on capture-the-flag (CTF) hacking competitions and cyber ranges.

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