Victor Morel's introductory talk - Design and analysis of technical systems for humans


Victor will present in this introductory talk his past work on consent management in the IoT, and his research perspectives for the CyberSecIT project. The first part of his presentation will summarize his PhD work, including a short video demonstration. His PhD, conducted in Privatics - the only team dedicated to privacy at Inria - focused on designing a technological solution for information communication and consent management in the IoT addressing legal requirements of the GDPR. The second part will introduce his interdisciplinary experience within the Sustainable Computing Lab in Vienna on the standardization of consent in the IoT. His short stay at WU Wien was the opportunity to engage with researchers from other disciplines - including law, design, and cognitive science -, and to conduct an exploratory study on cookie paywalls, a novel form of tracking walls. Finally, the third part will expose his research perspectives for the CyberSecIT project with the iSec group at Chalmers. The CyberSecIT project will tackle the challenges of automation, enabled by software, and autonomy, enabled by machine learning technologies, in IoT systems. Victor will focus more particularly on human factors, addressing research questions such as: What are the privacy expectations of users in the IoT? Do these expectations differ across countries and their respective legal framework? The answers brought to these questions by user studies will form the basis for the design of a usable and privacy-friendly permissions system for IoT apps.

Oct 6, 2022 1:15 PM — 2:30 PM
Live talk in EDIT 8103

Victor Morel holds a PhD in computer science from Inria - Privatics.

His research interests include privacy and data protection, networks security, usability, applied cryptography, and ethics of technology in a broad manner.