Architectural requirements for language-level control of external timing channels

May 27, 2016 12:00 AM

Who: Aslan Askarov (Aarhus University)\
When: 14:15, April 27\
Where: room ED\
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A promising new approach to controlling timing channels relies on distinguishing between the direct timing dependencies that are visible at the program control flow level, and the indirect timing dependencies that typically have architectural nature. The approach allows using programming language techniques to mitigate direct dependencies, while delegating the control of the indirect dependencies to the underlying hardware. An essential element in this approach is the so-called semantic interface that stipulates a set of security and functional requirements on hardware in order for the PL-level mitigation to be sound. This talk will present the semantic interface; discuss existing practical realizations from literature, and evaluate security of this approach in a setting of active adversaries that are capable to evict caches.

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