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The File-menu

This menu is used for interaction with the file system, to read and write theories, to start a new theory and to quit the editor. Files will be searched in an order decided by the environment variable ALFPATH. This has a default setting, but can be changed by for instance putting the command setenv ALFPATH directory1: directory2: ... in the file .cshrc.

The file menu contains the following entries:

Creates a new empty theory.
Restores the editor to a previously saved state.
Saves the current state of the editor.
Save As...
Saves the current theory and scratch area with a new name. This will also be done automatically every time the complete command is used to move a definition from the scratch area to the theory window. It will then be saved in the file ##BACKUP_ALF##.
Reads the theory and the scratch area again, so that all changes becomes undone.
Reads a file into the theory. The content of this file cannot be changed. The only way to change the content of a theory file is to open it.
Produces a postscript file (default of the Imports, Main Theory, Scratch area or Constraints. The postscript file can be previewed or printed directly or included in a TeX document by using a package like epsf. gif
Quits the editor.

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