Esprit Working Group 21900 - TYPES
Types for Proofs and Programs

Third Annual Meeting
June 12th - 16th
Lökeberg, Sweden

TYPES is a working group in the ESPRIT program of the European Union.


The last workshop within the Types Working Group will be organised by Chalmers. It will be held 12-16 June 99 at Lökeberg, which is beautifully situated on the boarder between the archipelago and rural area north of Göteborg (close to Marstrand). The meeting will start in the afternoon Saturday the 12th and end at lunch on Wednesday the 16th.

The Organising Committee consists of Ana Bove, Thierry Coquand, Peter Dybjer, Birgitta Magnusson, Bengt Nordström and Jan Smith. Click here to send a mail to the Organising Committee.

Talks, Invited Speaker, Demos, Proceedings

We have got 35 contributions for talks and 7 for demos. In addition, we will have one invited speaker. Talks will last half an hour (which includes 5-10 minutes for questions) and demos will last 20 minutes. Due to this reason, the schedule will be quite tight!, so be prepared :-).

Our invited speaker is Gérard Berry from the Applied Mathematics Center at Sophia-Antipolis, France. He will talk about Electricity, Constructive Logic and 2-adic Numbers.

There will be no Internet connection at Lökeberg. If you would like to give a demo, it would be fine if you could bring everything in your own lap-top. There will be a projector you can connect to your lap-top. Please, contact us if you have any further question on the subject.

We plan to publish proceedings in LNCS, subject to a formal referee process after the workshop.

Programme and Proceedings of Abstracts

Here you have the html version of programme of the workshop and here the postscript version.

Here is the postscript version of the abstracts. Here is Qiao Haiyan's abstract (last minute addition due to a change).

Buses to and from Lökeberg

The schedule for the buses to and from Lökeberg is the following.

To Lökeberg:

From Lökeberg: If you are in the wrong list, or if you want to be added to/deleted from a list, please send us a mail.

Please contact us if you have any question regarding the departure of any of the buses.

Social Events

As social events we will have:

Prices and Payment

The prices are 4300 SEK (Swedish Crown) for double room accommodation and 5500 SEK for single room accommodation. This includes all local costs (full board, social events, bus from/to the airport).

We want you to pay in advance to

S-105 71 Stockholm, Sweden
Account: 3055 77 11371
Types99JSm/Project No. 1129203
The account is for all of Chalmers, so Types99JSm/Project No. 1129203 must be mentioned!

Please contact us if you have any questions concerning the payment.


The on-line registration is closed. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning your registration.

Here is an html version of the list of people who have registered. Here is another html version, a bit smaller and with links to the web pages and to the email addresses. If you want to print the list of participants, maybe it is better to print the postscript version.


Click here to see the pictures we took during the workshop!


If you are staying some days in Göteborg, you might want to have a booking in a hotel.

Here are the links to two hotels very close to our department: Hotel Ljungbacken and Hotel Panorama. We have an agreement with both of them, so if we do the booking for you, you will get a better price than the ones that appear on their web pages. Please contact us if you want help with the hotel booking.
To get to any of these hotels from the airport, you take the airport bus and get off at the bus stop called Korsvägen. There, you can take the bus 51 in the direction of Linnéplatsen or you can walk up Eklandagatan. Hotel Panorama is approx. 500 meters from Korsvägen and Hotel Ljungbacken another 400 meters.
If you are staying in any of these two hotels, the most convenient is to take the bus to Lökeberg (or get off the bus from Lökeberg) at the department.

Here is a link to Hotel Flora, located in the city centre. This hotel seems a bit cheaper than the other, but we don't have any agreement with them, so we cannot get you a better price. We still can do the booking for you is you want us to.
To get to this hotel from the airport, you take the airport bus and get off at the bus stop called Kungsportsplatsen.
If you are staying in this hotel, the most convenient is to take the bus to Lökeberg (or get off the bus from Lökeberg) at the bus station.

Here is a map of Göteborg.

By bus, it takes approx. 10 minutes to go from the department to Hotel Flora and 15 to go to the train station.

One thing you should be aware of is that one cannot trust the weather in Göteborg! So, before packing you might like to check the weather forecast (not that one can trust weather forecasts but ... :-). Here is a link to Yahoo! Weather Forecast and here a link to CNN Weather Forecast.


Map of the route till the hotel in Lökeberg. Picture of the hotel in Lökeberg.
Click on the picture to have the big version of it.

The workshop will take place at Lökeberg Konferenshotell which is situated 35 km north from Göteborg, 50 km from Landvetter airport and 13 km from Kungälv. One can get there by car taking the route E6 to the north. Near Kungälv, one should take the route 168 in the direction of Marstrand. For more information see the map.

The hotel's telephone and fax are the following:
Telephone: (46) (303) 22 71 90
Fax: (46) (303) 22 72 05

The hotel has some facilities to enjoy our free time such as tennis-table, billiards, darts, solarium, sauna, motion-hall.

How to Get to Lökeberg

We will organise a bus from Landvetter airport which will leave at 13.30 on Saturday 12th, and a bus to Landvetter airport on Wednesday 16th afternoon. For more information about the buses, please click here.

Otherwise, you can take the regular bus from the airport (Landvetter Flygplats) to Nils Ericson Terminalen in the centre of Göteborg (next to Centralstationen), and then continue with the bus to Marstrand. There is a stop called Lökeberg about a kilometre from the hotel. From the bus stop you will clearly see the hotel and you will just have to take the path and walk in the hotel direction. Doing this trip with regular buses takes (with normal time connections) a bit less than 2 hours.

The bus ticket from the airport to the terminal costs 45 SEK and from the terminal to Lökeberg costs 40 SEK. You can buy both tickets from the bus driver when you get in the buses. You might need to change buses when going from the city to Lökeberg. If this is the case, you pay the whole trip when you get in the first bus (at Nils Ericson terminal) and you just show your ticket when you get in the next bus.

Another possibility (a bit cheaper but more complicated) is to buy a 100 SEK bus card (there are bus cards for other prices too but this is the most convenient in your case). You can buy the card in most of the kiosks. The cost of the trip to Lökeberg with the card is approx. 25 SEK. When you get in the bus to Marstrand, you will have to put the card in a green machine and press 5 (5 "coupons" is the price from the city to Lökeberg). On the back of the card you will see how much money "is left" in the card. If you have to change buses in order to arrive to Lökeberg, when you get in the next bus you will have to put the card into the machine again and press "byte". This won't cost anything but you will have to do it anyway. You can get help from the driver if you need it. If you have to pay more money than what is left in your card, you just do the same procedure as usual. As the money in the card is not sufficient to pay the trip the machine will complain and then you will have to pay the difference to the driver of the bus. If this is the case and you have to change buses, when you get in the next bus don't put the card in the machine, just show the card and the ticket you got to the driver of the new bus. You can also use the card to pay the airport bus (this ticket costs 45 SEK even with the card), the ferry to Marstrand (approx. 12 SEK with or without card) and public transportation within the city of Göteborg (approx. 10 SEK with card and 16 SEK without the card). If you use the card in the public transportation within the city of Göteborg you have to press 2 (coupons) instead. The rest is all the same.

You can also take a taxi from the airport, but this will cost you at least 700 SEK. A taxi from Centralstationen will cost you around 500 SEK.

The links to the bus schedule or to the Timetable for trains and busses might be of use if you manage to deal with some Swedish. You might like to use a Swedish-English dictionary.

Here are some links to bus timetables I found in the web that you might be interested in:

Some Useful Links

Tourist Information Other Links

If you have any further question, please mail us.

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