Program and Social Activities

Proofs of Programs and Formalisation of Mathematics

TYPES Summer School 2005

August 15-26 2005, Göteborg, Sweden


Topics and Invited Speakers

Introduction to Type Theory


Introduction to Systems

Advanced Applications and Tools

Dependently Typed Programming

Formalisation of Mathematics

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Social Activities

Banquettes and Special Dinner

Excursion to Marstrand

On Sunday 21st we will have an excursion to the island of Marstrand.

We will go there by boat. The name of the boat is Lasse Dahlquist and it will leave at 9.30 from Lilla Bommen (very near the Opera house, see this map, the dot doesn't really show the place, but it is written "Lilla Bommenshamns").

We will arrive at Marstrand around 12.00.
We have booked the lunch at 12.30 in Villa Maritime at 12.30. When coming out of the boat, we should turn to the left.

After the lunch there are no other activities planned as a group so each person can stay in the island as long as he/she wants. There are very nice bathing places so do not forget to bring your sun protection and your swimming clothes!

To return to Gothenburg one can take regular public buses. The buses (312 and 302) go about once an hour until 18.30. Possible there is 1 or 2 more buses after that time. Please check the schedule on time.
The trip cost 50 sek if you pay to the driver or 5 coupons with the Maxirabatt card. the trip to Nils Ericson terminal takes about 60 minutes.

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