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The Programming Logic Group within the Computer Science Department at Chalmers University has participated in all the previous EU funded TYPES working groups and coordinated one of them.

The Programming Logic Group has long-standing experience and expertise in the area of Intuitionistic Type Theory and its application to programming and mechanisation of proofs. The proof assistants ALF and AGDA, with the user interface ALFA were developed by this group.

The group plans to contribute to three project objectives.

The senior members of the Programming Logic Group are

The group organised an international Workshop on Termination and Type Theory in the fall 2002.Several members of the group have been teaching in the TYPES and APPSEM summer schools series. Last year three post docs from the LogiCal research group visiting the department. In the spring, Alexandre Miquel, from the LogiCal group in France, came to give a course on introduction to type theory.

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Bengt Nordström 2005-09-22