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The senior person involved is

He is part of the Software Department of the Institute of Cybernetics (IoC) in Tallinn and participated in the previous TYPES project through the Minho subsite of the INRIA Sophia site.

The group will mainly contribute to the project objective Foundational Research. Uustalo's current interests are programming with nested datatypes, representation and manipulation of non-wellfounded syntax and syntax with variable binding.

He is collaborating with R. Matthes, A. Abel (TU München), L. Pinto and colleagues (Minho), G. Barthe (INRIA Sophia). Uustalu and Matthes have collaborated intensively since 2001 (incl. several visits). The cooperation with Barthe started at Minho in 2000 and has by now become a project within the Estonian-French programme Parrot. In Nov. 2002, Uustalu visited M. Bezem (Bergen). In March 2003, Uustalu visited T. Altenkirch (Nottingham); he will visit IoC in Sept. 2003 to teach a course supported by the Estonian IT Foundation.

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