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Novi Sad - Belgrade

The Foundations of Computer Science Group (FCSG) is a joint research group of the Mathematical Institute of Serbian Academy of Science and Arts and University of Novi Sad.

The senior members are

The FCSG has recognized expertise in type theory, categorial proof theory and associated application.

Regarding TYPES working group FSCSG has a long-term fruitful cooperation with the Turin group and several sites and subsites of the TYPES working group: Nijmegen, Lyon, Toulouse and Padova. Long and short-term visits to Nijmegen and Turin resulted in several published joint papers with Henk Barendregt and Mariangiola Dezani-Chiancaglini, which were communicated at various meetings including TYPES 2002, held in Nijmegen.

The groups recent focus is in foundational studies of computational aspects of classical logic and program extraction from classical proofs. The main goal is to employ intersection types in program analysis of classical proofs and to develop an intersection type assignment system which will completely control termination of classical programs.

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Bengt Nordström 2005-09-22