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The Informatics Theory Group at The University of Bamberg has strength in the applications of intuitionistic modal logic and modal type theory, focussing on the formalisation and validation of abstraction and refinement and the associated compositionality problem. The group has long-standing collaboration with the Sheffield subsite, and members have contributed to previous Types meetings and proceedings, organised workshops on intuitionistic modal logic, and edited special journal issues on this topic.

The group plans to contribute to the objectives of this proposal mainly in the area of foundational research on the use of type theory for coherent interface models in synchronous component-based programming. This work now provides a new common research ground with researchers at the INRIA Sophia-Antipolis site. The group recently has begun collaborations with Birmingham on the constructive semantics of CS4 modal logic. The group plan to exchange visits with the the Padova site which shares similar research interests.

The senior members of the Bamberg subsite are

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