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The Functional Programming Group at the University of Kent has a long history of involvement with dependdent type theories. Thompson is the author of an early (1990) introduction to the area and Hanna is the implementor of a dependently-typed system, Veritas, used in early hardware verification work. Current interests of the group centre around building systems to make functional programming systems more usable. These include work on refactoring in FP languages such as Haskell, foundations of functional programming type systems, and Computer algebra and verification.

The group will make contributions to the following objectives:

Dependently typed systems provide a major challenge for implementors and system designers alike. The group also aims to extend the projects in refactoring and visual programming to embrace dependent types, in collaboration with groups at Gothenburg and elsewhere. This will also link with the Cover project at Gothenburg.

The senior members of the Functional Programming Group are

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Bengt Nordström 2005-09-22