Alexandra Abalada

  • A communication designer from Lisbon, Portugal, Alexandra Abalada is studying the Interaction Design Master Programme at Malmö University. She holds a BA in Communication Design plus a previous MA in Visual Culture. Her master thesis focused on a deep study research about the emergency to create devices in public and private spaces, which improve capabilities of the human being and people who suffer Alzheimer’s disease – ebracelet project (published on the Portuguese Design Centre website).

    After working during 5 years in Lisbon, Alexandra moved to Denmark to attend CIID summer school’10 in Copenhagen plus the Interaction Design traineeship for 7 months at the design consultancy design-people Aps in Aarhus. She was involved in projects in Danish companies (Novo Nordisk, Danfoss, GN Netcom, Bang & Olufsen) plus the Female Interaction multidisciplinary research project.

    Alexandra believes that the opportunity to study on the IDM Programme from Malmö University will develop knowledge in interaction design fields in a broad perspective. She’s also interested about environments designed by peoples’ everyday experiences, by the personality of each user in addition by the sensations that people have in their daily interactions with objects.


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