The ReflecTable: A digital reflective practicum


    The ReflecTable is a novel approach to teaching design that com- bines a long tradition of playing games in participatory design with Donald Schön’s concept of the reflective practicum. This is done by using a design game to teach students design by aiding reflection on the process of their own design projects. Based on design artefacts from a design project that the students are engaged in, the first part of the game takes them through a con- densed design process. In the second part of the game, the players formulate a question about their process in the first part and use video clips from the first part to answer it. Judging from the nine experiments conducted so far, the ReflecTable could be a valuable supplement to traditional design teaching by helping students to get the most out of their design projects. Using learning-by-doing in the framework of a game, it succeeds in teaching important schönian points, e.g. the value of conversing with the materials of the design situation. Eventually, the ReflecTable will be an aug- mented table for supporting reflection individually and in student design teams.

    Design education, reflective practicum, explorative design games, concept design games, research through design, interaction design


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