Enhancement of 7th-10th graders’ understanding of equations with tangible representations


    This project examines the possibility of heightening the understanding of math equations by means of physical objects. The target group is students in 7th-10th grade. A certain part of the students in a Danish elementary school class has problems dealing with the complexity of equations and the rules that apply in the solving of them. Therefore the equation is made “physical” so the students feel that they can grab the individual parts of the equation and manipulate them. This will also make sure, that the students achieve a closer relation to the equation. In connection with the project a product has been made to alleviate the students’ giving-up attitude. To examine whether the product presents a value to the students, it was tested and evaluated in the right environment with a representative user base. From the tests and evaluations it is concluded that the physical objects are instrumental in giving students a better understanding of equations. This understanding is created through equation parts affiliation shown in color and elements from gamification. Furthermore the conclusion is built on statements from the users dealing with the value of having the equation elements in their hands, and the fact that the users in the following equation exercises on paper use the acquired methods in their calculations.

    Math, Tangible User Interface, Learning, Dyscalculia, Gamification, Sifteos.


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