Developing and understanding the experience created by video games


    As we nowadays are so used to technology, we have reached a state in which it plays a dominant role in our daily lives without us being genuinely aware of it anymore. This trend of ubiquitous computing makes current intelligent products inclined to disappear from view, to be taken for granted, because “the central significance tends towards to go to the context”.

    This means that no longer the aesthetical nor functional design might make a product appeal to its user, but rather the experience it creates. To emphasize this ‘need of experience’, this paper points out there is a great potential in developing and understanding the experiences created by video games. This can be pursued by removing focus from games on a screen to instead focus on video game elements in interactive products. Designers can use the guidelines proposed in this paper to create everyday commitment and responsibility in people’s lives based on desired behaviour in order to have a positive impact on society at large.

    Behavioral Design, Experience Design, Game Design, Gamification, Interaction Design, Product Design


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