The university

  • Chalmers University of Technology & Gothenburg University

    With more than 60,000 students and more than 4,000 teachers and researchers, Göteborg’s two universities Göteborg University and Chalmers University of Technology make up an intense academic environment. Göteborg University is the largest and most popular among students of Sweden’s universities.

    Chalmers University of Technology is the most internationally known of our technical universities. Chalmers is a pioneer in Europe within the area of seed commercialization, facilitating the conversion of applications within research into successful new businesses. Together the two universities have extensive educational programs and research in computer engineering, computer science, computational linguistics and information systems.

    Lindholmen Science Park

    In 2001, the two universities joined the city of Göteborg in an effort to turn Lindholmen, on the northern shore of the Gothia River, into the West Sweden IT center. An IT University was founded as a joint operation between the two universities in close cooperation with the city and major businesses in the region. The IT University has rapidly turned into an important part of the IT cluster growing at Lindholmen, together with a science park, business associations like Telematics Valley, and companies like Ericsson, Sigma, and Volvo IT. The IT University offers an excellent platform for cooperation between researchers with different areas of expertise and specialisations both from IT-related disciplines and the social sciences and humanities. The IT University offers education in information systems and information technology at all levels from Bachelor to PhD-studies in the areas of Informatics, Applied Information Technology, Computer Science and Interaction Design.

    At Lindholmen, you also find the Viktoria Institute. Founded in 1997 at the initiative of Ericsson, Volvo and the IT companies in the region, Viktoria has played an important role in the regional and national innovation system, and it fast gained an international reputation. The objective is to do research and development in applied information technology in collaboration with the industry, public sector and universities. With two major automobile companies in the region, one of the world’s leading truck companies, and the largest port in northern Europe, much of the IT activities on Lindholmen are, of course, focused on the automotive industry, on telematics and on transport and logistics. Other strong research areas include Knowledge Management, eGovenment, Business Informatics and Software Engineering.

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