Design Competition

  • The design competition is now over! Please see the final results here

    Design Brief
    This competition is sponsored and presented by the Interactive Institute in collaboration with Experimedia and the city of Schladming.

    The challenge is to enhance the ‘quality of experience’ of being in and around Schladming
    Consider a broad interpretation of ‘experience’

    Think participation, user-generated content, socialization, gamification – locally and globally

    Presentation & design brief
    More info about the Schladming area
    More info about facilities at Schladming

    Contact details
    Peter Ljungstrand, Interactive Institute, email peterlju (at)

    Andrea Schodl, Schladming (general issues)
    Peter Höflehner, Schladming (technical & infrastructure issues)

    A youtube video where you pitch your idea, max 3 minutes
    PDF document with:
    - Authors
    - Brief description of idea, incl. motivation
    - Use scenario
    - Technology used
    - Voluntary supplementary material (sketches, mock-ups, web page, etc… electronic and/or paper form)

    Deadline: Friday @ 13:45
    Email your contribution to peterlju (at)


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