Organizing committee

  • Eva Eriksson
    PhD student at the Department of Applied Information Technology, Interaction Design Division, and a teacher at the Interaction Design Masters Programme. Eva’s experimental design research explores potentials for spatial-multi-user interaction in public and semi-public spaces.

    Hajar Kashfi
    PhD candidate at the Interaction Design Division at Chalmers University of Technology. So far, she has been focused on Medical Informatics with emphasis on Interaction Design and Electronic Health Record Standards (in particular openEHR) and how they may aid in developing usable clinical decision support systems.

    Olof Torgersson
    Programme Director of the Interaction Design MSc. programme at the Department of Applied Information Technology and a teacher in the Mobile Computing course. As a researcher, Olof has had an interest in Intelligent user interfaces, Mobile computing and Medical informatics.

    Ruxandra Teodoru
    Enthusiastic soon-to-be graduate of the Interaction Design MSc. programme.

    Amanda Cuello Suñol
    Student in the MSc in Interaction Design and Technologies with a background in Industrial Design. Her interests include Tabletop Interaction, Augmented Reality and the social implications of computing.

    Azad Saleh
    Swedish Industrial Designer and artist currently attending the Interaction Design and Technology Msc. at Chalmers. He holds a bachelor in arts and has been part of many design projects including design for sustainability, interior/architectural design, motion capturing experiments and a range of product designs and graphic/web designs.

    Sefat Chowdhury
    Master student of Interaction Design and Technologies at Chalmers. He holds a bachelor in Computer Engineering and has been part of various web projects as a front-end developer. His research interests span from Web Standards, Mobile Web to Social Media.

    Jonatan Mato López
    Having studied telecommunications and digital content creation in Barcelona, he is now an Interaction Design student at Chalmers. He is mainly interested in interface and behavior design and the social aspect of interaction.

    Peter Kun
    Jack-of-all-trades masters student in Interaction Design, with an interdisciplinary background in Industrial Management, soft skills training, and music. Interests in designing for collaboration, understanding complex data, dreaming big and doing remarkable stuff.

    Maria Kougioumoutzi
    Born in Greece, pursuing her passion in Sweden. Student of Interaction Design & Technologies, currently enrolled in the fourth term of Master’s studies at Chalmers University. With a background on Applied Informatics & Multimedia, she is interested in Information Visualization as well as Web Development. She gets on well with people and she may end up focusing on the human aspect of HMI.




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