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Databases (TDA357, DIT621)

Lecture 2: SQL 1

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Basic SQL

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More SQL

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Relational Databases

The relational data model

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A database with information about countries

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Database schema

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SQL = Structured Query Language

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PostgreSQL practical things

Commands to run in a terminal window

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PostgreSQL Live demo


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SQL: Creating tables

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Inserting new rows in a table

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Inserting data from a file into a table


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The result of a query is another table, containing

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Some general observations about SQL

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Modifying data in tables

Example: a baby has been born in Finland

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Deleting data from tables

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More precise types

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Are missing values allowed?

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Duplicated values

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Primary Key

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Table schema with primary key

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Order By

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Queries with computations

Example: population density

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Aggregation (Group By)

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SQL Summary

DB Management 1: creating and deleting tables

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SQL Summary

DB Management 2: modifying the contents of tables

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SQL Summary

DB Queries

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SQL Summary

Values and conditions

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All the parts of the SELECT statements are optional.

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Local definitions in queries

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For reference

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More SQL

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