Submitting Assignments

0. Introduction

Assignments are submitted using an on-line system ("Fire"). To submit your labs you must first register an account. Then you must log in and join a group (use the lab group number that you where assigned).

1. Registering an account

Before you can use the project reporting system (fire) you need to register an account. This is done from the login page. The Fire system for the course is found here.

Be careful when filling in your personal information since it is used to identify you when compiling the list of students who passed the assignments. Also, make sure to give a valid e-mail address, since it is used to notify you when the assignment has been corrected.

After signing up, you will receive an email with a verification URL within one minute (check your spam folder if you don't get it). After clicking the link you can fill in your personal information. Once this is done, your account will have been created.

2. Logging in

After having created an account, you log in to the system from the login page using your email and the password you choose. This will take you to the main overview page from which you join groups, upload files to projects, submit projects and monitor the status of your projects.

3. Managing groups

You join or create a group by clicking the appropriate link at the top of the overview page. This shows you a form which asks for a join code. If you are creating a new group, leave the join code empty and click "Create group". If you are joining a group that someone else has created, ask them for the join code and type it in and click "Join group".

The join code for a group is found on the overview page after creating the group, under the heading "Group join code". Click the "click to show" link next to it to reveal the join code.

4. Submitting and resubmitting assignments

Before you can upload files in a cooperative project you need to join a group and upload the files you want to submit. When the files are uploaded certain checks are performed on these files. Depending on the load on the webserver this can take a while. Please allow the time needed for these checks.

The system is able to handle .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 files. Don't upload .zip, .sit or any other Windows or Mac specific file formats.

After you have uploaded your files, you may submit your solution by clicking the "Done adding files, submit!" button. When you submit your assignment additional checks will take place -- allow the time needed. After the assignment has been submitted it will be assigned a grader that will pass or fail your solution. Comments from the grader will appear on the lab details page. If you fail an assignment you may resubmit a new solution in the same way as you submit a new assignment.

All labs must be submitted by the deadline. All corrections to labs ("retur") must be resubmitted within the two weeks following the deadline. No labs submitted more than two weeks after the deadline will be graded. This is a firm limit.