Labs (Laboratories)

Labs are an integral part of the course, as they contribute to the requirements for passing the course and to the final grade (see grading guidelines).


We normally have three supervised lab sessions per week, one on Monday and two on Thursday. See below for a more precise schedule, where there is no lab supervision on dates corresponding to cells with greyed out text or no text. See the official schedule on TimeEdit for information about the rooms; the week number here corresponds to the week number on TimeEdit.

Below, you see precisely which rooms have TA supervision in each session; rooms not listed there have no TA supervision. Note that the schedule might be adjusted according to attendance as the course progresses, so make sure to check this before going to the labs.

How to submit labs

  1. At the beginning of the course, register in Fire
  2. Labs are done in groups of two students. Once you have found your partner, one student requests a group code in Fire; the other student can then join the group using the group code. The groups remain the same for all labs.
  3. Submit each lab submission using Fire:
    1. Each lab has two consecutive deadlines, called deadline A and deadline Z
    2. You have to provide the first submission of each lab by its deadline A
    3. From deadline A, the TAs will provide feedback within 4 working days
    4. If the submission by deadline A is accepted, you are awarded the maximum points for that lab (see labs grading: accepted at attempt #1)
    5. If the submission by deadline A is rejected, you can submit up to two more times no later than deadline Z
    6. After each resubmission within deadline Z, the TAs will provide feedback within 4 working days
    7. Once a resubmission is accepted, you are awarded the points corresponding to the number of attempts for that lab (see labs grading: accepted at attempt #2 or accepted at attempt #3)
    8. Not submitting anything by deadline A is considered equivalent to submitting and being rejected on the first attempt
  4. If, for any reason, the TAs cannot provide feedback within 4 working days, you can negotiate an extension of submission’s deadline by interacting directly with them.

If you passed some or all labs in a previous instance of the course, just submit in Fire a plain text file for each lab that you passed. The text file should contain your personal information (so that we can look you up in the records), as well as when you took the course before. If your mark for a given lab is in our records, you will get the same amount of points you got in that edition of the course. If your mark in not in our records, you will get the minimum points needed to pass that lab (see minimum points to pass).

Demos of lab submissions

Each student group must present and demo their submissions to each lab to a TA during a demo session, held during one of the lab sessions after each deadline. No feedback of submissions will be given to a student group until they have done a demo of their solution.

Lab assignments

All deadlines are at 23:59 on the day.

  1. Trainspotting
    • Deadline A: 19 September 2018
    • Deadline Z: 3 October 2018
  2. CCHAT
    • Deadline A: 10 October 2018
    • Deadline Z: 24 October 2018
  3. A-mazed
    • Deadline A: 24 October 2018
    • Deadline Z: 7 November 2018