Parallel Functional Programming – News and DatesDAT280 / DIT261, LP4 2018
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Parallel Functional Programming – News and DatesDAT280 / DIT261, LP4 2018
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Thursday, May 24
[Labs and Exam] We have set a final final deadline of June 7 on all compulsory labs. Please work hard to get everything in by then (and finished). It will help the graders if you submit as early as possible. Don't forget the written exam on May 31, afternoon, in the M building (the building beside the EDIT building).

Wednesday, May 23
[Map-Reduce Lab] The Chalmers web site has changed since I first wrote the crawler, and as a result some of the HTTP requests the crawler makes don't terminate. I have added a timeout to the requests to address this, (and also avoid scanning non-HTML for links); there's a new version of the crawler on the Lab page which you can download and use instead of the original, if you like. Also, the Chalmers web site seems to generate URLs dynamically now, which makes it difficult to crawl, so I suggest using a different site such as

Friday, May 18
Many people are experiencing difficulty getting good speed-ups on the Sudoku lab. In this case, you will only be able to get substantial speed-ups if you make use of speculative parallelism, in which you search for different solutions in parallel. But speculative parallelism will generate too many parallel processes unless you restrain it. Restrained speculative parallelism was covered in the exercise session in week 6 ("Erlang Programming Exercise Session"). If you missed that, and you haven't got good speed-ups in the Sudoku exercise yet, then there will be another opportunity to take part in the same exercise session this Friday (May 18). The lab final deadline has been extended until the following Monday to enable you to do so.

Wednesday, Apr 25
On the lectures page, where the first lecture on Data Parallel Programming is described, I have added Andrzej Filinksi's instrumented interpreter for a NESL-like language. It calculates work and span (or depth) and is very useful for exploring these concepts. I also provide some examples of using the interpreter. Use the interpreter when studying NESL and particularly work and span.

Monday, Apr 16
So as not to distract you from Lab B, I have changed the deadlines for Lab J (which is not compulsory but a good idea to do!). To avoid squeezing later labs too much, do try to submit labs early when you can.

Wednesday, Apr 11
Note that there is no lecture tomorrow (thursday) this week. There is a lecture on friday at 15.15. If you are a bachelors or masters student, don't forget to register for the course and for the exam. Doctoral students just need to register for the exam. Contact the student office at CSE for assistance:

Monday, Apr 9
This week's two lectures are about Data Parallel Programming, setting the scene for the lecture about Futhark next week on thursday. The lecture about parallel programming in Java is on Mon. April 16.

Thursday, Mar 29
From today until the end of next week, the course is on hold. Happy Easter! I have put up the names of the course representatives on the page with general information about the course, also available via the About link at top left.

Monday, Mar 26
I got the following email and decided that this job might be interesting to PFP students.

Dear Mary,

Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m Stuart Battersby – CTO at Chatterbox Labs.

We’re a UK based machine learning company, focusing on classification & data synthesis. We are an R&D driven company and are big advocates of bridging the research and commercial worlds.

The reason for reaching out to you is that we work heavily with Functional Programming (in particular, Clojure) and have a job opportunity for a Junior Software Engineer that may be appealing to your students

Junior Software Engineer (Functional Programming)

If you see merit in sharing this, I would appreciate it if you could circulate this email & link with people that you feel would benefit from this?

Many thanks,


Monday, Mar 19
The Slack signup should now be working. Sign up here. .

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Friday, Jun 1, at 23:59
Final deadline Lab D

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Thursday, Apr 12, at 23:59
First deadline Lab A

Thursday, Apr 19, at 23:59
Final deadline Lab A

Thursday, Apr 26, at 23:59
First deadline Lab B

Monday, Apr 30, at 23:59
First deadline Lab J (not compulsory)

Monday, May 7, at 23:59
Final deadline Lab B

Monday, May 7, at 23:59
Final deadline Lab J (not compulsory)

Thursday, May 10, at 23:59
First deadline Lab C

Monday, May 21, at 23:59
Final deadline Lab C