Lab 1 Test Suite

Programming Language Technology, 2018


Before you submit lab 1, your solution must pass the testsuite. This document describes how to obtain and use this testsuite.


You will only need to do this part once.

  1. Download lab1-testsuite.tar.gz.

  2. Unpack the downloaded file:
      $ tar -zxf lab1-testsuite.tar.gz

  3. Enter the lab1-testsuite directory:
      $ cd lab1-testsuite

  4. Compile the test program with make, or alternatively:

      $ ghc --make -o progs-test-lab1 progs-test-lab1.hs

Running the testsuite

This is what you need to do to test your grammar.

  1. Enter the lab1-testsuite directory (if you are not there already):
      $ cd lab1-testsuite

  2. Run the progs-test-lab1 with the path to your .cf file:
      $ ./progs-test-lab1 path/to/your/

    (where path/to/your/ is the location of your grammar file).

NOTE: The start category (entry point) of your grammar must be called Program.