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Programming IO

Keeping pure and impure functions apart

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Remember the word counting function from last week?

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Standalone Haskell programs

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Creating IO actions

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The program countWords

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Pure functions

In Haskell, functions are pure

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Equal and interchangeable

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An example in Python

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More IO in Haskell

Page 10

IO and purity in Haskell

Page 11

Using IO results in GHCi

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The do notation

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Testing it

showTheDifference Enter two numbers: 15  12  The difference is: 3

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Doing IO and returning results

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The difference

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Why pure functions?

Purity is good for modularity and simplifies debugging and testing.

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More examples 1

copyFile :: FilePath -> FilePath -> IO ()
copyFile from to = do s <- readFile from
                      writeFile to s
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More examples 2

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More examples 3

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A larger example